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Our story

Our history begins in 2012. Rolandas Tarnauskas, a successful entrepreneur, has always had an interest in fashion, successful brands and e-commerce. While purchasing online, he was forced into the same dilemma over and over.

To purchase ones favorite authentic fashion products, one must make a “choice without choice”. Either buy it at a high price, though guaranteed, or risk to buy at a lower price, but be subject to purchasing from questionable suppliers. Buying fashion items online became more like a gamble, rather than a sure thing, when trying not to overspend.

This dilemma had driven to search for a solution, but it could not be found on the market. Knowing how, both, the market and fashion works, Rolandas figured there to be a potential niche to provide the market with:

  • A wide range of world-known brands.
  • A highest client service standard.
  • Capability to choose the price of an item by participating in an auction.

So, in 2012, in the village of Siesikai, within a home-based office and with a staff of five, a company named SECONDVIP was started. The company dealt in online sales of authentic brand second-hand fashion items. In the three years of SECONDVIP operation, a wealth of knowledge had been amounted in the fields of fashion items and the nuances and processes of e-commerce.

In 2015 we had matured enough to take on a new challenge – the sale of new branded fashion items. In consequence with this decision – SECONDVIP has been renamed to POPPRI. A full re-branding was made.

POPPRI Guarantee

To maintain the constant and stable development of the company, we have come up with the POPPRI Guarantee standard, which became and inseparable part of our internal culture and had set the level of POPPRI’s added value. 

The essence of this guarantee – the buyer has to see the merchandise as it really is. Firstly, the photos of the merchandise must show a truthful image of any given item. We take detailed photos and write descriptions that outline every quality and defect the item has. All items are measured precisely and accurately as all measurements are done manually. Merchandise is sent within two days, as we understand the buyer wanting to receive the items as soon as possible. Our merchandise is sent in secure and global standard approved packaging. The client service standard is of the highest quality and universally oriented towards the satisfaction of the clients needs.

And all this for the price that the buyer chooses to pay, participating in POPPRI fashion auctions.

We can, responsibly and without fear, state that we are THE MASTERS OF FASHION AUCTIONS.

The success of this business model, its endurance and potential is proven by how quickly we have grown and have achieved over eight years.


  • 100% positive feedback score on eBay
  • 250K+ feedback received
  • 300K+ happy customers all over the world
  • Selling over 8000 world-famous fashion brands.
  • Just 2% returns.
  • World-wide shipping to over 100 countries.

In 8 years we have become one of the leading fashion sellers on eBay, offering world-famous fashion brands, while constantly improving our services to ensure 100% clients` satisfaction.



Employees: 5
Sold items per month: 300

  • The company SECONDVIP established.
  • HQ in Siesikiai, Lithuania, EU.
  • Sale of second-hand branded fashion items.



Employees: 12
Sold items per month: 900

  • Continuous improvement of company processes.
  • The first units with clear functions are formed.



Employees: 25
Sold items per month: 3000

  • New logistics partners found.


Fashion Auctions

Employees: 40
Sold items per month: 7000

  • SECONDVIP renamed to POPPRI Fashion Auctions.
  • Discontinued trade of second-hand goods.
  • Started selling only new branded products.
  • Moved to new headquarters in Ukmergė, Lithuania, EU.


Fashion Auctions

Employees: 50
Sold items per month: 10000


Fashion Auctions

Employees: 55
Sold items per month: 12000

  • + 300 new world-famous fashion brands added to our portfolio.


Fashion Auctions

Employees: 60
Sold items per month: 15000

  • + 5000 new fashion brands added to our portfolio.


Fashion Auctions

Employees: 70
Sold items per month: 20000

  • Opened a second office in Kaunas, Lithuania, EU.
  • Selling over 8000 fashion brands.